Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation

Steam vs. Hot Water Boilers

It can be a difficult decision to choose which type of boiler is right for your home or business. If you read through the following information and still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the professionals at Viglione Heating & Cooling!

Steam Boilers

Whether you need a high- or low-pressure steam boiler, it is a great investment in the comfort of your home or business. Steam boilers are one of the oldest heating technologies available on the market, but they are still trusted by numerous consumers today. Your water will be hotter and you’ll be able to live in your home and run your business more comfortably with a boiler installation from Viglione Heating & Cooling.
Hot Water Boilers
If you want a highly efficient method of heating your water, we suggest choosing a hot water boiler for your home or business. Hot water boilers use pumps to produce a greater degree of heat at a faster rate. You’ll no longer have to wait for your shower to warm up, or your tap water to heat up when you’re doing dishes.

Hot water boilers do require additional parts in order to operate, so it is important to consider the maintenance of these parts in your decision. For more information about the hot water boilers we offer, give us a call today!
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